Wish You Were Here

Hello friends.

This page is to introduce and upload our new initiative for Jacinta’s Smile.


As a family that has lost three siblings in both childhood and early adulthood we feel that there is so much left unsaid with each of our brothers and sister And what  we would like to say to each of them is so unique from the other. This is not a one size fits all. Just the way that coping with death is not one size fits all.

The idea came about many time such as when Charlotte tried to call Jacinta on her mobile again or what Katie-Anne needed some advice with her new baby or when Aishleen wanted a partner to have a glass of wine with on a Friday evening.

So much we are unable to say that we wish we could and there is no platform for it.

This is where our idea comes in.

Send us your anonymous postcard.

On this card you can draw, write or create those words that you are longing to say to your loved one be they a parent, sibling, cousin or friend.

By creating this card and putting words to paper the very act is healing in itself, saying those words and sending them to some-where and to us, people that care, that get it.

Keep an eye on our page here and on our Facebook for your postcard. When you see it, know that you are heard.

By sharing our inner words and thoughts of emptiness we allow others to read these too and feel understood in their depths of grief.

What would you like want to say?

Katie-Anne would say – “I need you.”
Aishleen would say – “there is something missing.”
Charlotte would say – “where are you?”

We all would say – wish you were here.

So, welcome one and welcome all.

Send your postcards to:

Vita House
Abbey Street
Roscommon Town
Co. Roscommon

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you, always.

With courage and tenderness,

Aishleen, Katie-Anne & Charlotte