From Our Own Experiences

We believe that although we are from the one blood, the one set of parents and grew up in the one household we know that we are all completely different in ways in which we cope with our grief.

For example, speaking on our parents behalf, our mother Helen finds it difficult to see all the cousins moving with their lives and finding themselves. Where as our father Frank finds it impossible to with a man walking his daughter down the aisle, he will never have that honour to walk Jacinta down the aisle, instead he carried her coffin.

We all are effected by our losses in various ways. What we do know however is that we need to mind ourselves. We do this in distinct and separate ways to each other.

See what we do to mind ourselves to keep our mind, body, and spirit well-nourished.

If you are missing someone you love, why not write to them? Our Wish You Were Here campaign lets you do just that.