You are Not Alone: Directory of Bereavement Support Services 2016

This resource, published by the HSE, lists a wide range of bereavement support services by county in the Republic of Ireland. 

Young Children Grieve Too: A Guide for Parents and Carers of Children Under Six Who Have Been Bereaved

This resource, published by Barnardos, explores some of the issues for children under the age of 6 when someone dies. Children in this age bracket are still in a sense-making stage in their life; however, they know when a loved one is missing and this can bring on anxiety and upset in the child. This resource provides advice on steps parents and carers can take to support children in this age group in an age-appropriate way. 

How Children Process Grief and Loss Through Play

This article, published by Edutopia, highlights the importance of play in supporting young children to navigate complex social issues. Play is a key asset in a child’s sense-making toolbox and should be widely encouraged and appropriately supported. 

Parenting Positively: Coping with Death for Parents of Children Between 6 and 12

This resource, published by Barnardos, presents parents with a guide to addressing death with children between 6 – 12. It provides steps parents can take for broaching this subject, provides advice on the language to use during this process, and the range of emotions parents can expect from bereaved children.

Parenting Positively: Helping Teenagers to Cope with Death

This resource, published by Barnardos, acknowledges the changes and challenges taking place in teenagers’ lives. Unlike young children, teenagers are mature enough to understand the finality of death, but they may not be equipped to handle the emotional challenges that come with it. Furthermore, their ability to fully articulate their feelings, connect with other peers on this issue, and navigate complex challenges associated with being a teenager may be limited. 

Teenager’s Guide to Getting on with Life After Death

This resource, published by Grief Encounters, identifies common feelings and responses demonstrated by bereaved teenagers and provides advice on how to deal with these new challenges. 

When Grief is New: A Guide for Parents and Relatives

This resource, published with the support of Boston Children’s Hospital, was designed to support parents who have recently experienced the death of a child. Part 5 is dedicated to supporting siblings and grandparents.