If you have lost a child, you know this is an experience no parent should ever have to go through. We know the devastating effect the loss of a child can have on you as an individual and on your family as a whole. There are so many emotions that may surface which you might not know how to address. The grieving process can leave you feeling frustrated and wanting to shut others out. We know you need your space. We understand it is necessary for your own healing process. But if you are a parent to other children, it is important for you to be mindful of their grief as well. They still need you. They still want you.

Often, bereaved children do not let their parents know what they are feeling as they want to protect them. Children do not want to see their parents in pain and they may try to mask their own distress. This role reversal is very common amongst bereaved children and the information sessions we have designed give grieving parents insight into the emotions their children may be feeling.

These meetings provide parents with the opportunity to hear from adult children who had lost a sibling during their childhood years. These bereaved siblings share their personal experience of being a child in a grieving family. This allows parents to become more in tune to the emotions of their own bereaved children and may help them identify ways of keeping the parent-child relationship healthy in the face of loss. There is an emphasis placed on helping parents to be more perceptive and responsive to their child’s long-term emotional and mental well-being.

These meetings are for parents whose grieving children are aged 7 – 25. If you are interested in participating in an information session, please contact us here.