We here at Jacinta`s Smile believe that we want to give more. We would like to support and encourage connections within our own communities and others in order to promote mental health and personal growth for each of the children that we meet on our journey.

We do not want to simply have a few days out a year. We do not feel that it is enough, so we have linked in with Big Brother Big Sister and with Gaisce. This means that the young person is receiving a continued check in and is accountable for their own health development with the help of one or both of these organisations. Ultimately, we want the young person to feel they have support if they need a little acknowledgement at times.

By joining up with these organisations the young person sets goals and can achieve wonderful things, can take part in new activities and can make new friends. Basically the young person can continue to live and find a way of being in the world that enables them to keep moving with their loss.

How we do this is by stating connected and teaming up with the resources of which are already out there but may not be known. Two of these are Foroige`s Big Brother Big Sister Programme and Gaisce РThe Presidents Award. (link these). We have decided to link in with both of these wonderful community resources as they are firstly free (thats a word we all love to hear). Secondly they are fully registered and thirdly they work to cater for each individual child based other current needs and desires.

Jacinta`s Smile can refer your child on to either of these services so please do get in touch with us here.