Jacinta was 30 years young when she died and left behind her son Ethan who was 11 at the time. Jacinta died suddenly from an undetected Brain Aneyurism on January 4th 2016.

Jacinta was our fun factor, our sister that was always up to mischief and always taking part with a smile. She worked as a barber in our mum’s shop in Castlerea. Even after she had passed away Mummy still had people coming in looking for the blonde girl to cut their hair.

They were devastated when Mummy told them she had died. They always had a funny or caring story to tell of her. She was remembered.

Jacinta loved us—her family—and we loved her. She truly believed in her family and always had our back.

We have named this organisation after Jacinta. When Declan passed away so young she too felt that there was not enough help out there for siblings that have lost their brother or sister. We know for sure that she would be honoured to know what we have achieved so far.

She missed Declan hugely and their late night antics of running in and out of each other’s rooms. They were each other’s cheeky sidekicks. One would pass wind thinking it’s funny and they both would fall down and roll around on the floor laughing together.

They were playful.

We try to fill the playing field of both of these voids but it is just not the same.

We miss her.

With warmth,

Jacinta’s sisters,

Aishleen, Katie-Anne & Charlotte

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